Today’s photo: the schooner Bowdoin!

The Bowdoin was commissioned by MacMillan after the Crocker Land expedition to be specially built for Arctic voyages. She was built in Boothbay, Maine, and launched in 1921. MacMillan used the Bowdoin to make over two dozen trips to the Arctic, often carrying with him young men (and a few women, including his wife Miriam) eager to learn seafaring skills and experience the Arctic. 

The Bowdoin is now owned by the Maine Maritime Academy, and is the state vessel of Maine. She will be in Bath, Maine tomorrow, which happens to be 15 minutes away from us! The interns will be taking a field trip to see her, and I’ll be sure to post pictures!

For more on the Bowdoin, visit the Museum’s page and the Maine Maritime Academy page, which provides more numerical data on the schooner for all the boat enthusiasts.