From Robert Peary’s North Pole diary, 104 years ago today in Greenland as he voyaged towards the Pole: 

Wind this morning early from the south increasing in force. Set lug sail breakfast time + carried it till after supper. Wind at noon very fresh + considerable sea. Foggy. Passed the outer island (is 73° N. lat. at 2 p.m.)
    Nearing the Duck Islands. The wind subsided entirely, clouds + fog moved slowly away to the eastward + at 11.-p.m. we passed the Duck Islands, + entered Melville Bay in glorious yellow sunlight lighting numbers of bergs.
    A little later the first midnight sun.

(This slide is called “Low Midnight Sun.” Hand-colored glass lantern slide; original image taken by Donald MacMillan on the 1908-1909 North Pole expedition.)