Wow - today we hit 2,000 followers!! A big thank-you to everyone who follows, likes, reblogs, and keeps this little project going. I love to think that such a wide audience is seeing all the cool stuff I love in this museum - so thanks!

As a token of my appreciation and some Friday afternoon cuteness, here’s a puppy poking its head out of a porthole. (Taken by MacMillan in the late 1920s.)

It’s official: the shipment of stuffed baby Arctic animals we got for the Museum shop today are the cutest things on the planet. Seriously. They’re so adorable that we front desk/front office staff are going crazy.

One of the countless perks of working at a museum: getting to play with/shop for all sorts of cool Arctic-themed toys! Acting like a kid at your job rocks. We have a small online shop for long-distance fans, which includes our famous, world-travelling Peary doll.