In 1927 Donald MacMillan brought the first Model-T Ford modified into a snow machine to Labrador. He left it behind when he returned south in 1928 and it has been in the woods, vulnerable to the elements and souvenir hunters, ever since. Now archaeologist Jamie Brake of the Nunatsiavut Government is working on a project to recover and restore it. You can here him talking about the project on the OKalaKatiget Society broadcast here.

Happy 138th birthday to Bowdoin grad, Arctic explorer, Maine celebrity, and Museum namesake Donald MacMillan! This is a photo from Mac’s high school commencement when he was 19 - he went to high school in Freeport, Maine, and then went on to graduate from Bowdoin in 1898.

Check out Mac’s bio on our official website and his huge tag on this Tumblr to learn more about this exceptional man.


From Robert Peary’s North Pole diary, 104 years ago today in Greenland as he voyaged towards the Pole: 

Wind this morning early from the south increasing in force. Set lug sail breakfast time + carried it till after supper. Wind at noon very fresh + considerable sea. Foggy. Passed the outer island (is 73° N. lat. at 2 p.m.)
    Nearing the Duck Islands. The wind subsided entirely, clouds + fog moved slowly away to the eastward + at 11.-p.m. we passed the Duck Islands, + entered Melville Bay in glorious yellow sunlight lighting numbers of bergs.
    A little later the first midnight sun.

(This slide is called “Low Midnight Sun.” Hand-colored glass lantern slide; original image taken by Donald MacMillan on the 1908-1909 North Pole expedition.)

All of Bowdoin’s campus has been gearing up for the Museum of Art’s new William Wegman show to open today. "Hello, Nature" features over 100 Wegman pieces, inspired by or created here in Maine…and those famous Weimaraners are sure to make an appearance!

I love Wegman and am so excited to see his show over at the Museum of Art, so I decided to put up this Wegman-esque shot of a husky puppy today, taken by MacMillan in Greenland around 1923. Not a Weimaraner per se…but he sure is cute.